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mindfulness at work

 Your employees mind is their most valuable asset. It's what helps them to be productive, creative, focused, compassionate and most importantly, happy. 

In a one-year, randomised study of 161 participants, researchers at the Wellness Institute at Cleveland Clinic found that mindfulness-based techniques, including meditation, can lower stress levels in a demanding work environment and lead to happier, more engaged employees. Participants reported a 31% decrease in stress levels and a 28% increase in vitality. And what’s even better... positive psychological changes were still evident a year later!

This is why meditation and mindfulness in the workplace is critical to your teams wellbeing and your organisations performance. 

the benefits

  • Reduced Absenteeism: Regular meditators experience reduced anxiety, stress and depression, in addition to improved immune system functioning. 

  • Creativity: Research has found meditation to promote ‘divergent thinking’ a type of thinking that allows many new ideas to be generated.

  • Productivity + Performance: Meditation strengthens our ‘mental muscle’, and has been found to improve information processing, focus, memory and cognitive flexibility.

  • Job Satisfaction: A regular practice will help employees to experience higher levels of optimism and more positive emotions towards your organisation. 

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workshop topics

Introduction to Meditation and Mindfulness

Provide your people with the opportunity to understand what it means to practice meditation and mindfulness in the modern world. This workshop will help your team overcome the misconception that they're too busy to take care of their minds. They’ll learn the difference between meditation and mindfulness, how to practice mindfulness both formally and informally and how to actually meditate.

Work/Life Balance

In an age that is synonymous with ‘busy’, having a healthy work/life balance is fundamental to your employees ability to work to their fullest potential without running the risk of burning out. This workshop will provide your team with a range of practical tips to strike the right balance between work, play and personal commitments.

Live and Work Mindfully

This workshop provides an opportunity to demystify mindfulness and help your team understand that they don't need to meditate for hours on end in order to live a more peaceful life. I’ll share a range of smart strategies to cultivate mindfulness in daily life that will ultimately with managing stress, including; managing time mindfully, incorporating mindful movement into your schedule, using gratitude to cultivate a positive mindset, practising mindful communication and so forth.

Learn to Meditate 4-Week Course

Provide your people with the skills and knowledge to implement a regular mindfulness meditation practice into their daily routine. Learn to Meditate provides a comprehensive overview of the science, benefits and how-to's of meditation in a modern, practical and accessible format. Over the course of four weeks, your team will learn how to overcome the common misconceptions that make meditation seem challenging, they’ll be provided with simple techniques to develop a regular mindfulness meditation practice and will learn how to use the practice to live a calmer, more peaceful life.

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