Simple Ways to Create Space in Your Busy Work Day


Simple Ways to Create Space in Your Busy Work Day

According to interruption science, it takes 25-minutes to recover from the disruption of a phone call. But these days we’re getting interrupted every 11 minutes. So, every 11 minutes we’re hit with a new email, text message, phone call or conversation. This means that we’re never able to catch up. It’s no wonder that we feel a sense of imbalance and stress in our lives as we rarely have the opportunity to catch up and collect ourselves.  

This is why it is essential for us to proactively create space within our days, without having to make any drastic changes, so that we can easily start to take care of ourselves within a busy work environment. Here are a few simple ways for you to do so.


Use Noise Cancelling Headphones

Most offices these days are open plan, which is great for creating a sense of connection and teamwork with your colleagues, however, they can also be highly disruptive. When you are feeling frazzled or have an important project to work on using noise-cancelling headphones can help you to create a sense of space without having to physically remove yourself from your working environment. Just be mindful that wearing headphones can come across as anti-social so you might need to check in with your manager and colleagues before plugging in.   


Take a Lunch Time Yoga Class

When you’re feeling bent out of shape at work you’re much more likely to be reactive. Stepping away from your desk at lunch time to attend a yoga class will give you the chance to get out of your head and reconnect with your body, therefore allowing you to feel more grounded. If yoga isn’t your jam, try going for a walk with a colleague that you can confide in or sweat it out in a gym session instead. You’ll notice that when you return to your desk you’ll feel much more refreshed.


Meditate on the Commute

Being crammed in a busy train or stuck in traffic on the way home from work will undoubtedly leave you feeling tense and agitated. When you’re already tired from a long day of pressure and disruptions, this type of energy will take away from your ability to really be present with your loved ones. A short meditation practice with the help of an app like Insight Timer will give you the opportunity to collect yourself before stepping through the front door. Just make sure you don’t meditate whilst driving!

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