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Hi, I’m Meg James

meditation + mindfulness teacher

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a modern approach to meditation and mindfulness

Meg James is a Melbourne based meditation and mindfulness teacher.

Her goal as a teacher is to help you feel your feelings, listen to your intuition, develop your sense of self and heal the unhelpful thought patterns that keep you awake at night.

By sharing her work on the free Insight Timer app, Meg hopes to make meditation and mindfulness as accessible as possible.


About Meg

First introduced to meditation at the age of four years old, Meg returned to the practice in her teens to quell her anxious tendencies and has continued to meditate regularly ever since.

Meg specialises in facilitating corporate classes, workshops and keynotes, and has worked with some of Australia’s most well-known organisations such as Swisse, Mecca, The AFL, WPP AU NZ and many more.

Meg holds an Advanced Diploma (350hr) of Yoga and Meditation Teaching with the Australian Yoga Academy, a post graduate 20hr Yoga and Meditation Teacher Immersion with Happy Melon Studios, and a Certificate of Life Coaching with BYCA. She is currently completing the final year of her degree in Psychology with Swinburne University. 

She lives in Melbourne with her husband, Ed and their beautiful son Oscar.

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